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Collaboration madness

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It's a collaboration sensation! Check out these sites for other collaborative storybuilding opportunities: ... and then ... ... and then ... is simple and elegant, and probably quite addictive (I'm about to sign up now). The stories are only 14 'lines' long, and users vote on which line should be used next [...]

the rape rally – an apology

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Some days ago now I attended a snap-protest to speak out against the ill-treatment of a rape victim by our Government. Rape is something awful. It is the touching of a person in a very personal and familiar way without their consent. It can be violent, but it isn't always. Sometimes it's [...]

Write with me! – Collaborative Story 1 (The Airshow)

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Let’s give this a go 🙂 (For rules and instructions see this post.) Here’s the developing story: The Airshow Carter Buton Album Loan_00061 by SDASM Archives, No known Copyright restrictions I was born Tartin Tartens. Ridiculous isn’t it? That’s why I changed my first name to Tom. Hi! My name is Tom Tartens, and when I was nine, I killed my cousin, Janie. Our parents weren’t watching us properly. That’s how I managed it. So really, I guess it was their fault. It wasn’t planned, that is, I didn’t spend very long planning it; it just came to me that day. When I saw how pre-occupied everyone was, I just thought, Go for it! That day, lunch was burgers and chips. The cousins had been talking about it all day; Uncle Darrt was making his burger patties, and the special sauce he made to go with had beer in it. Real beer. Not just that ginger beer they gave us to make us feel like we were drinking the real stuff. I didn’t think the cousins would be fussed about Janie, as long as they got their beer burgers. And since they didn’t even realise she was gone until after lunch, I guess I was right. […]

Write with me! – instructions

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Stories in progress: The Airshow The Nice <image here - want to provide one? Find out how here.>   Your job is to write the next sentence or paragraph for the story in the comments section. The work need not be polished. All welcome! Illustrators too! I'll update the story in the [...]