My name is Theresa Turner and I love stories.

I love stories.
Who doesn’t?

I also love sentences; reading, writing, revising and trying to craft them into magnificence. Misplaced commas and uncertain semi-colons be damned.

You’ll find me here, there and everywhere, learning how to write …

I’m also a mother of two little’uns, the brains and the brawn behind the maintenance and transformation of a spectacularly weedy garden, a bush regeneration rookie, and an engineer.

Let’s share ideas – here, and all throughout the interwebby thingy. Maybe even in real life – like with dimensions and tea and tactility and stuff. I’m sort of nice, and you’re the all-powerful and knowledgeable community of readers and writers; what a team we’d make!

I’d be very happy to receive criticism on my writing, just keep it constructive 🙂

I would also love to hear about your writing. If you have any you’d like to share that’s related to a topic I’ve posted, or if you have an idea for a topic I should look into, please comment somewhere, or email me (@ theresa dot turner dot writer at gmail dot com). Or you can join me in a collaborative story here.

Welcome to my little space!


You can also find me at my haphazardly populated ‘mumblr’,