There’s a problem with this country and I feel strongly about it, of course I do. And I want to do more. And then I don’t because of washing and kids and work. And because I don’t know how to word things well enough. Well, screw the wording, getting it out is more important. Well, the wording is important. Convincing people and persuading people depends very much on the wording. But maybe, just maybe, I can trust to that coming good in time.

This terrified pregnant woman.

A baby inside her who is developing emotionally around the pain its mother is feeling.

A Government fighting a political battle with the lives of innocent people who have come to us for help, and who continue to plead with us to help them.


Read it here.

And here’s the words I sent this time round.


Hon Peter Dutton MP,

I have heard that there is a woman being held on Nauru that is pregnant and nearing her term, has suffered a previous miscarriage on Nauru and that her baby is in breech and there are additional complications. I have heard that she needs urgent medical attention.

We, the people of Australia who care to take note, know that there have been numerous reports of the sufferings of people on Nauru being left untreated or who have been treated in the ‘facilities’ there, which are definitely not up to the standard that your government pretends them to be.

Imagine for a second that this is your wife. Or your daughter. Or your mother. Imagine that you are a baby inside your mother’s womb and you can hear her heartbeat. She loves you and she is terrified. And you can feel that terror. If flows through you as it flows through the body that houses and nourishes you. There is a man that can save her life and he can save your life. Or he can feed your mother poisons that will cause you more suffering, maybe kill you. He can leave you and your desperately scared mother in a place so ill-equipped to deal with your situation that he may as well stab a knife deep into your mother’s belly himself.

Peter Dutton, you are that man. I am asking you, as a member of the Australian public, to shut down the system that is torturing these people. It is your system, and your responsibility.

Fly this woman out of there and let us take care of her. We want her here. We want them all. Close the camps. End the torture.

Theresa Turner.

Except in the email the font was all the same. Geh.
Now to wait for the depressing form-letter reply.