Yep, it’s already February. 5 days in!

It’s going to be a busy year. Hence the new year’s resolution to plan.

The first plan was made, spit-and-palm sealed, recurring alarms set: we were to go to bed by 10pm, wake at 5am, meditate until 5:30am, and then work until the kids wake up (sometime between 6 and 7:30am).

And it’s wonderful: the freshness of the well-slept morning brain; the night-time silence with morning bird-call in which one can intensely focus on one thing and only one thing; the daily apple to keep my tummy happy while I work. Even the socks on feet to make me quieter on the creaky floorboards have their charm.

During the first few weeks, we did it about 50% of the time (somehow the weekends escaped the alarm setting regime) but the success rate is dropping, and we’re finding ourselves still at our jobs each night, later and later. Damn these old habits.