It is the Australian Navy. They yell at you, tell you that you are just 1 mile from your destination, but that you are trespassing in Australian waters and they will now be pushing you to a third world country which has a humanitarian record only slightly better than the zombie-run country you just left. No we can’t help your wife, she can seek medical attention at your destination.

When you arrive at the destination, they push you into a cell in a place called the ‘processing centre’, where you are given a number, and then left without being told anything about your fate.

You are separated from your youngest son and wife, and left to grieve alone for the family member who lost his life on the way here, wonder about the family member out there somewhere with who-knows-what happening to her, and waiting and waiting and waiting to be ‘processed’.

Meanwhile, your wife’s condition worsens because they do not give her any medical attention. When she is at her worst, they send her to a local hospital where she is beaten to death by locals who don’t like foreigners in their country. Your youngest son is given a warm bed to share with one of the guards.

It isn’t a nice life, but surely it’s better than being killed by zombies? (Go to 11 or 12, by a seemingly random lottery)

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