I’ve started a collaborative story section asking readers and writers to submit the next section of a story in the comments area. Stories in progress: The Airshow and The Nice.

What do readers and writers need to make their reading and writing worlds complete?

They need illustrators!

A picture tells a thousand words (+/- n where n is undefined), and unless you’re reading Dickens or Proust or someone wordy, that’s way more words than you’ll find in a paragraph of a story. Sooooo…

If you:

  1. are bored today;
  2. are a Pictionary enthusiast;
  3. are an aspiring illustrator;
  4. are a graphic artist;
  5. just like to draw or sketch;
  6. make comics during english class instead of writing essays;
  7. usually draw on walls you’re not supposed to in the dark of night with a can of spray paint and a lookout (LOOKOUT FOR THE TRAIN!); or
  8. can’t draw but want to have a go (remember to turn off the wrong side of your brain when you try)

—>> then please join in a collaborative story by submitting the next or another next part of the story AS A PICTURE!! (That’s a GREAT idea!!!)

Here’s how:

Write a comment in the comments section to preserve your spot in the story, and then simultaneously send an email (theresa dot turner dot writer@gmail dot com) with your illustration attached.

Some guidelines:

The original of your illustration can be done in any medium/with any technology, and have any level of detail/mix of colour/non-colour –  but we should be able to make out something about the story in it (this doesn’t rule out surrealism or abstract art, I think … but if it’s just one or two lines across a page, there’d better be something really special and telling about them to get included) and keep it non-pornographic. Remember: if you could display it in front of a 13 year old and the average well-adjusted neighbourhood would be happy with you, then you’re running in the right direction – WITH your pants on. And a bra, if you’re of the bra-wearing persuasion.

In your comment, submit the title of your illustration, and either in your comment or the email, provide any copyright information you would like to include. Here’s some creative commons options. Please cut and paste a link to the copyright notice you wish to use. If you would like to reserve all rights to your work, your message should include this, along with permission to use the image on

Please only share work that you have created yourself, and for which you hold the copyright.

WHY? Why should you draw for me?

For a million reasons! Here’s four three two three:

  1. So fun!
  2. Wealth, glamour, glory, famosity.
  3. Image credits will be displayed below the image and also on this page. That’s your work, displayed somewhere. Welcome to portfolio building. You’ll also receive attribution within the story; so your name, twice, on the internet! Obviously, if you have your own online space, let me know what that is too and I’ll link to it and come and let your readers know where your work is displayed (that’s happy times for both of us). Unless you ask me not to. Then I’ll be sad.
  4. Did I mention fun?


Header image credit: Field13 (c) Lee-Roy, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0