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Wishing you a happy mournful recognition-filled Australia Invasion Survival Day!

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On Australia Day in 2009 I was working in Germany. I decided to send an email to my colleagues there to give them some explanation of the day. It was something of a task to write, because the day is not cut-and-dry happy: it's fraught and loaded. Here's the text of the email: [...]

Author Carla Billinghurst

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Self-confidence. Self-permission. Moxie! These are the things I admire most in others. So I decided to contact someone who comes across as having all of these good good things, and ask her Why? How? Where can I find mine? Basically it's the best conversation ever. Basically it's the best conversation ever. It's a many-tentacled [...]

Year 2016. Happy New!

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Well, it's 2016. Time to get planny*. What are you going to do differently this year?   *opinion seems to be divided on what 'planny' actually means, but I'm using it anyway.