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HEADLINE: Loser neighbour forgets simple task, does walk of shame, AGAIN

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Every so often the demands of life get so overwhelming that the most basic and necessary function of a Monday night gets overlooked. And then we’re glad we sleep in the front room because the sound of the truck "BRRRRRRRR SCREETCH BEEP-BEEP-BEEP CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH" (Thank you Steve Light, ‘Trucks Go’) wakes us [...]


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For Therese, my neighbour and friend. Taken by cancer. When I touch you, I touch death’s intention. It whittles you down until You’re too fragile to touch. I keep a distance; it’s all too much. Next time I see you I make no such mistake. I hold [...]

My First Draft

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Here I sit in awe of me. Words fall from my amazing brain straight onto the page in sentences that sing and leap. There is no doubt My First Draft is whole and complete. I love me. And I love my writing. I sleep in deep peace. Certain, success is mine. Tomorrow, [...]

a bit more of my #positiveproseproject

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All it took was an idea in the night, and he was able to breathe more deeply than he had in a long long while. Like being released from a spell: the fog over his brain dissolved and he relaxed in the cool clean rinse of clarity. It was easy to make [...]

The little buggers just won’t die!

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Yep, it's already February. 5 days in! It's going to be a busy year. Hence the new year's resolution to plan. The first plan was made, spit-and-palm sealed, recurring alarms set: we were to go to bed by 10pm, wake at 5am, meditate until 5:30am, and then work until the kids wake up [...]

Year 2016. Happy New!

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Well, it's 2016. Time to get planny*. What are you going to do differently this year?   *opinion seems to be divided on what 'planny' actually means, but I'm using it anyway.

#positiveproseproject #americansentence

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Day 8 My brain was playing tricks. That was all a dream. He sleeps beside me still. What is an American Sentence?, and this. What is the Positive Prose Project?

#positiveproseproject #americansentence

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Day 7 I wait in the car while my kids soundly sleep, listening to the rain. What is an American Sentence?, and this. What is the Positive Prose Project?


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Day 6 "I like you." What is the Positive Prose Project?


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Day 5 Arissa was gripping his hand so tightly that Fara couldn’t be sure if it was her nervous state or his that was causing them both to tremor. She tilted her head as she read and he knew that she was trying to read through the tears. He also knew that [...]


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Day 4 Deep within her, through the maze beyond the wall inside the cavern, a stone rolled. Hidden beneath, in a small pocket of impossible light, that five year old part of herself crouched. A bright yellow breath of a flower waiting to be discovered and allowed to grow. She knew she [...]


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Day ... um ... 3 His little blue puppy was soon joined by a small pink cat and a lime-green goat. Within days the stark wall his parents had installed to block out the world was covered in artwork and he felt like he had found his people. What is the Positive Prose [...]


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Day 2 He adored the slant of her lazy eye and the way it always seemed to track the position of his left foot. What is the Positive Prose Project?

The Positive Prose Project

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We were the picture of contented love: my hair smelled like a wet dog left standing in a mouldy basement for two days but he cradled me in his arms anyway; the strings from his nose-tampons caressing my ear and his shallow mouth-breathing warm on my neck. With all the ugly going [...]

How Writers Write Fiction – and other MOOCs

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My default learning strategy appears to be osmosis. Untouched writing resources are towering over me now as I blog and there's an even bigger accumulation of fiction built up in book cities beside my bed. They waft their pages at me so that story-tainted air currents and advice-filled dust molecules drift into my grey [...]

the rape rally – an apology

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Some days ago now I attended a snap-protest to speak out against the ill-treatment of a rape victim by our Government. Rape is something awful. It is the touching of a person in a very personal and familiar way without their consent. It can be violent, but it isn't always. Sometimes it's [...]