The Bottom Line: Bad things happen when good people stay silent.

Terrific (with reference to the archaic ‘causing terror’) to read, this beautifully composed, heart-wrenching story about Dr David Berger’s family, with its intelligent and insightful parallels between Nazi Germany and Australian Refugee Policy, leaves me burning again inside.

Bad things happen when good people stay silent. Dr David Berger is speaking out. Above is a photo of my grandmother, Margot von Bentheim, taken with my mother in the Spring of 1925. She would have been 60 when I was born, but she died at the age of 35. A Jewish refugee from the Nazis, she committed suicide, alone, despairing and destitute …

There can be few with a bigger, angrier, more ferocious dog in the fight over whether it is justified to draw analogies between the systematic regime of torture, persecution and extermination of the Nazis and the present regime in Australia of indefinite incarceration in appalling conditions of innocent people seeking refuge here.

Some Jewish groups in particular get upset when such analogies are made, accusing the people who make them of ‘trivialising’ the Holocaust. They are completely wrong and here is why.

Source: It’s Okay To Compare Australia In 2016 With Nazi Germany, And Here’s Why