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It’s Okay To Compare Australia In 2016 With Nazi Germany, And Here’s Why

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The Bottom Line: Bad things happen when good people stay silent. Terrific (with reference to the archaic 'causing terror') to read, this beautifully composed, heart-wrenching story about Dr David Berger's family, with its intelligent and insightful parallels between Nazi Germany and Australian Refugee Policy, leaves me burning again inside. Bad things happen when [...]

a bit more of my #positiveproseproject

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All it took was an idea in the night, and he was able to breathe more deeply than he had in a long long while. Like being released from a spell: the fog over his brain dissolved and he relaxed in the cool clean rinse of clarity. It was easy to make [...]

Be Born Somewhere Different

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This function is still under construction. You see, being born somewhere different is really really tricky. Because the thing is, we don't really get to choose. We get born, and where we're born, well, that's just where we're born. Where, to which family, to whatever living conditions we arrive at. And sometimes [...]

Zombies attack your town.

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Take the Challenge! header image credit: Those Damned Zombies (c) Walter Junior, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0