Stories in progress:

The Airshow


The Nice

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Your job

is to write the next sentence or paragraph for the story in the comments section. The work need not be polished. All welcome! Illustrators too!

I’ll update the story in the post as it develops.

The rules so far are:

  • No hard-core* swearing
  • No really awful** topics
  • I reserve the right to use or not use sections of story according to their appropriateness**
  • I reserve the right to make small edits to sections of the story where necessary to keep things like tense and person and point of view consistent.


*eg. the f word, the cu word (the cr word is ok)…, and maybe that m-f word… for now…
**I’ll have to decide what constitutes a ‘really awful’ topic and ‘appropriateness’ as we go along.


IT – brained helpers…

I’d like to implement a kind of story collaboration interface here. Anyone have any suggestions for apps I could use?